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Hannele and Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues, A. Nanbubijin and A. Maija mehiläinen



                                                      Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues AKA Olli as puppy                                                   




                                                                 Aspbackarna's Opal springs AKA Opi                           



                                                                              Photo: Aspbackarna's

                                  (E. SUCH FINUCH SV-07, SV-08, SV-09 Jackfrost's Doctor Snuggels U. Aspbackarna's Heather Cream)


                                                         Aspbackarna's Morey ST Denis, har varit på sina första utställningar,

                                                        vilket resulterat i ett CK, BH-2 samt HP

                                                       Gizmo är en liten kompakt hane kring fem kg.

                                                        Han har väldig vacker röd och sträv päls                            



















Aspbackarna's Rebellious heart AKA Brolle
Has moved and lives at Kitune's kennel.
Good luck with him. I miss him a lot
Photo Carina Anklev
Born 31.01.06
Eyes clear 7/11-2007
Patella clear 27/8-2008
Heart clear 13/1-2010
Three hounorprize in puppyclasses
four Cerificate quality





Aspbackarna's Paladin Spirit 

Figaro is not living with us anymoore.

         He lives in Finland with a very good friend of us and also breeder of cavaliers

         Sari Kauppinen, Kennel Rocbee.

Born 30/11-2004

eyes, clear 26/10-2006

Heartcertificate and patella clear 17/12-2007

Two CertificateQuality

Figaro got his first certificate 6/10-2007. The judge was the same that rewarded Figaros dad

with both certificatet and cacib in Finland, Nils Molin

Figaro has done well; being showed five times in puppyclass; He has been placed as BPD-3 out of tvelve puppydogs. Twice as BPD-2, with Honourprize. Figaro has also been BOSpuppy twice, with honourprize. First time out in juniorclass he got an honourprice, too. Second time out in juniorclass, Figaro won his class getting R'CC. Five honourprizes out of six possible and a R'CC, all diffrent judges.

Alberica Kindred Spirit(One Finnish CC and CACIB)


Kindrum Roscious

GBCH Alberto of Kindrum

Kindrum Rosalie

Darozel Cristalle Alberica

Sanickro Loadsa Pazazz

Darozel California Blue

Cavanelles Magnolia (one RCC)

Cavaliertorpets Herman (one CC)

Ch CH Craigowl Neilson

Cavaliertorpets Maritza

Magic Charm's Cavanelle.

NUCH Delhaze Springforth

NUCH Annatika Winema


Aspbackarna's Paladin Spirit, AKA Figaro and A.Once in a blue moon AKA Caitlin, both by Alberica Kindred spirit.


Aspbackarna's Final Countdown, owner Marie Stockman

Clarissa, Whisky, Irmelin, Miranda, Samba

Clarissa and Miranda

Loviisa with Clarissa, Miranda and Fanta