Österbybruk 26/5




Aspbackarna's Santa Ana BOB-puppy with HP (owner Lena Lundén)

Aspbackarna's Stroh Rum BP-2 with HP (owner Aspbackarna's)

Aspbackarna's Qung fu legend Exellent (Owner Karolina Wiell)

                                                    Regina photo by Lena Lundén


Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend BOB, CAC and CACIB!

 Blanche BB -2(our Aspbackarna's Nanbubijins Beautiful daugther) with reservCAC on her official show(Breeder/owner Katarina Wahlgren)

Petit brabancon

SE UCH Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues Third i championclass with CQ

SE UCH Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin fourth in championclass with CQ 

Borschette Best male-2 (our SE UCH A.Nanbubijins handsome son) with CAC on his first  official show! (Breeder Katarina Wahlgren owner Lena Svedell)




Aspbackarna's Stroh rum BOB-Puppy with HP

Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita BB-2 with CAC (Her third!!!)

Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend BB-3 with Reserv CAC

Petit brabancon

SE UCH Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin BM-3

SE UCH Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues BM-4








Aspbackarna's Opal springs, A. Oliver moragues and A. Nanbubijin

Three of our new champions 2012 Own by us

Also Champions this year is Aspbackarna's Morey ST Denis (owner Lina Bruce)

Aspbackarna's Lambrusco D'ell Emilia (owner Carina Simak)





13/9 Judge Ranislav Radjic


BOB BIR Aspbackarna's Qung fu legend, With certificate! Thembas första certifikat endast 11 månader gammal!

BOS BIM Aspbackarna's Rhum Negrita, she got her second certificate att only 11 months!

Exellent jun-2 Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend

Best champion dog 2 Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues


Judge Carsten Birk

Exellent 1:1 BB-2 Aspbackarna's Queenbee Legend

Exellent 1:1 Aspbackarna's Quintay legend (owners Eva Vestermark & Bitte From)

Our Belge group was BEST GROUP with HP!

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues Best champdog-3 (out of 7 champions)

Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin Best champdog-4



Judge Wayne Burton


                         Owner Carina Simak, Järfälla

                                   Photo by Nina Kumpulainen Pink Paws griffons, Finland


Our veteran bitch  SE CH Aspbackarna's Isa Dora Merlot was BB-2 AND BEST veteran "Well balanced head with good dark eye correctly placed small ears well placed good mouth for age compact body with good angulation front and rear correct tailset gait- lively, sound and typical"

 Aspbackarna's Opal springs was BB-3 with CAC gaining her SE champion title.

" Round skull good lenght of muzzle but could be wider good clear nose ears well placed, good bone and compact body strong topline good tailset gait- sound and typical, good coat." CHAMPION TODAY



Our petit brabancon group was BEST GROUP with HP


"Well balanced group with consistent head type and quality All with requred empact and strong body good tailset sound and of good size"

The dog/bitches in our group was :SE CH Aspbackarna's Isa Dora Merlot,SE CH A. Lambrusco D'ell emilia,SE CH A.Oliver Moragues and SE CH A. Opal springs

Our junior bitch Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita was BB-2 with CAC only nine months old!!!


                                       Photo Nina kumpulainen Pink Paw's Finland

Judge  Martin Croeser

"Pretty little bitch Full of caracter lovely topline good coat condition and texture Exellent tailset Nice hindquarters Nice little mover"

Our other junior bitch Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend was BB-3 With Reserv CAC she is only nine months too!

"Full of caracter georgious expression lovely topline good tailset good ears and a lovely little mover"



Judge Rune Lysgaard

All our dogs/bitches got exellent and My red prins Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues got BD-4

"Kort samlad välbalanserad championhane fint huvud välvinklad bak kunde varit lite friare i sina bakbens rörelser"

Our veteranbitch SE CH Aspbackarna's Isa dora merlot got Certificate quality and was BEST Veteran 

Our Breeders group Petit Brabancon was BEST GROUP with honour price

"Tre för sig själva kombination typlika hundar alla med bra huvuden och välsamlade kroppar och bra rörelser i helhet en fin uppfödargrupp som förtjänar sitt HP"

The dog/bitches in our group was :SE CH Aspbackarna's Isa Dora Merlot,SE CH A. Lambrusco D'ell emilia,SE CH A.Oliver Moragues and SE CH A. Opal springs

Our Griffon belges

Aspbackarna's Qung fu legend got Exellent

Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita got Exellent and was first in her class

"Söt juniortik fint huvud fina ögon bra hals och överlinje välvinklad bak visas för dagen i något gott hull rör sig fint bak något överdrivna frambens rörelser"

Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend got Exellent and was second in her class

" Kort och kobby mkt feminin hund fina ögon bra hals och överlinje välkroppad välvinklad bak rör sig väl fram o bak behöver träning att visa tänder"

We had a breeder group of griffon belges too and got BEST BREDER with HP for that group too.

The Dogs/Bitches in the group was: Aspbackarna's Qung fu Legend, Aspbackarna's Newton Johnson, Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita (one CAC) and Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend

"Tre för sig själv kombinationer alla med fina huvud och ögon korta o väl samlade kroppar bra rörelser en ung grupp där tre är juniorer BÄSTA GRUPP"



WE got three champions in a week! Four champions since April!

28/5 Vallentuna

Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend BOBpuppy HP

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues  Exellent

Aspbackarna's Morey st Denis (Owner Lina Bruce) BOB CAC (Certifikat).

Aspbackarna's Isa Dora merlot best veteran

29/5 Österbybruk

Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend BOB puppy HP

Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita Best puppy 2 with HP

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues 4 in championclass

Aspbackarna's Opal springs BB-3

Aspbackarna's Isa Dora Merlot BB-4 and best veteran

Aspbackarna's Morey st Denis BD-1 BOS and third CAC AND CACIB CHAMPION!!!

Our breedersgroup Best group with HP 

2/6 Norrköping

  Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend BOB puppy with HP

Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita BOB-2 puppy with HP

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues BEST champion male

Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin BD-1 With CAC (Certifikat) BOS and CHAMPION!

BD-2 Daisyvalley Deauville dynamite (our daughters dog) with reserv CAC

Aspbackarna's Opal springs BB-3 with her second CAC (Certifikat)

Aspbackarna's Isa Dora Merlot Best veteran

Our group got HP and was best group!

3/6 Norrköping

 Aspbackarna's Rhum negrita BOB puppy with HP

Aspbackarna's Queenbee legend BOB-2 with HP

SE CH Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin BD-1 BOS

SE CH Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues BD-2

Daisyvalley Deauville dynamite BD-4

Aspbackarna's Lambruscho D'ell Emilia BB-3 with CAC (Certifikat) and CHAMPION!

Aspbackarna's Opal springs BB-4

Aspbackarna's isa Dora Merlot Best veteran




We had wonderful days att the show in Sundsvall


First day judge Joakim Olsson rewarded Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin, A, Lambruscho D'ell emilia, A. Opal springs both with exellent and Aspbackarna's Opal springs went BB-2. Our veteran Aspbackarna's Isa Dora Merlot (Owner Carina Simak, Karlhäll)was Best veteran with HP. AND our breedersgroup went BG with honourprize.

This is wat the judge said about the group:

En grupp med individer på 3 komb. Utm. storlekar. Utm. könsprägel. små fina öron. Bra pälsar.


Judge was Rob Douma, Nederlands

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues got exellent, and his qualifing certificat and became BD-2 only beaten by his father . Olli is now  CHAMPION! "2,5 years Very nice male. Robust square built. Strong temerament. Very lovely headround, typical human expression with exellent chin. Exellent earplacement. Good neck. well developed body. Equal angulation front and rear. Needs to immprove in movement."


                                          SE CH Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues


Aspbackarna's Opal springs was BB-2, Aspbackarna's Lambruscho D'ell emilia got exellent and A. Isa Dora Melot was best veteran. Our breeders group went BEST GROUP with Honour prize

This is what Rob Douma thougt of our group

 "Quite similar in type. 3 females, 1 male. Really typical examples of the breed. I know it's difficult to breed but the dogs you presented to day you can be proud of, although you have wishes yourself. BÄSTA GRUPP!"

Aspbackarna's Morey st Denis got his first certifikate CONGRATULATIONS Lina and Gizmo!!


                                                         Aspbackarna's Morey ST Denis







 29/5 Huvikummun Erika Schwarz BB-2 with CAC. 4/6 Aspbackarna's Opal springs, A. Lambrusco D'ell EmiliaExellent. Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues BD- 1 BOB with CAC  and  A. NanbubijinBD-2 with reserv CAC.

Huvikummun Erika Schwarz BB-2 with reserv CAC. Our breeders group got Honourprize and went BG-4



Öland 4/9-2011 Aspbackarna's Nanbubujin BD-1 BOS

Huvikummun Erika Schwarz BB-1 BOS And CHAMPION!

Busungarnas Lolly pop BB-1 and BOS (owner our daughter Emma Haapamäki-Hazard )

Aspbackarna's Opal springs BB-3 and reserv CAC

Aspbackarna's Oliver Moragues  and Aspbackarna's Lambrusco D'ell Emilia Both Exellent.

Our Breedersgroup went Best group with honourprize!



17/9-2011 SE CH Huvikummun Erika Schwarz  BOB.

18/9 Aspbackarna's Lambruscho D'Ell Emilia got CAC

Timrå 8/10 -2011

Huvikummun Erika Schwartz BOB, Huvikummun Erika Schwartz BIR
Aspbackarna's Opal Springs BB-2 With Reserv CAC, Aspbackarna's Opal springs BT-2 Reserv certifikat

Sundsvall 9/10 -2011

Aspbackarna's Opal springs BB-1 CAC, CACIB; BOS

Aspbackarna's Opal springs BT-1 Certifikat och CACIB BIM

Aspbackarna's Lambrusco D'ell Emilia BB-2 ReservCAC and ReservCACIB Aspbackarna's Nanbubijin Exellent